For your group's section of the TONE words list, divide the TONE words among your group members. Each member is responsible for writing a thorough definition and several synonyms for his/her TONE words.

Then, as a group, discuss the meanings of your group's TONE words and collectively decide on a media representation for each word--like a movie or TV character, a news, sports, or radio personality. You might choose an actor, model or singer (band) who epitomizes your word.

Finally, put all your TONE images and words in a powerpoint template and be prepared to present your words and an explanation/rationale for each TONE slide. Please upload your finished project to your period page on the class wiki--there is a heading for TONE Words Presentation and boxes for individual ppts.

A few examples:

Peter_Griffin lowbrow.png
hobbit bucolic.jpg
Your grade will be based on the appropriateness of your image, having the TONE word on the image, and your explanation/rationale of the connection between the image and the word.

This is a group project with a group grade, so everyone in your group will get the same score--work together!! A PERFECT presentation will be worth 50 points--that is about 2 points per TONE word.